Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Wyoming . . .

Well, I'm here at the race site. Pretty nerve wracking. Today I tried to do the trail that was supposed to be the first climb. Unfortunately, I took the wrong trail and went to the top of the next mountain over. But it ended up being the first 1.5 miles of the next section of the course, and the total climb was the same as the main climb, just on rougher trail. It went pretty well. The bummer is that I wanted to do the exact climb so I knew the clues as to what I would be looking for as I went up. Thinking about taking the ski lift to the top and walking down on Friday early to get it done once. I was able to see the entire trail from where I was up on the next mountain over, so I know where it gets steep and can look for the clues, like the big switchback starts the last push for the top. Anyways, sort of a bummer, but nothing I can't deal with. Breathing was OK at altitude, legs felt pretty good, all systems relatively go.

Scouted out the course and saw the aid stations that I could drive to. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about it. The trail looks gorgeous. The views of the tetons are everywhere and look fabulous. Temps are comfortable, trails are in good condition, so we'll see what happens. Tomorrow is a drive through the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park with some walking around Old Faithful, etc. Friday will maybe be a walk down Fred's Mtn. and check in for the race. Already went to the store for water, snacks, etc. Pretty soon its put up or shut up.

Goals: The best case scenario as I see it is 33 hours given that the elevation is exactly half between San Diego and Wasatch and 33 hours would be the average between the two finishing times. I'll be stoked just to get a finish period.

Other good news: ESPN radio comes in well here with live football from 8 PM to 11:30 or so. Of course, its Idaho State v. ASU, but whatever. Have a shot of getting the Wyoming game as well which would be right in the middle of the afternoon. We'll see about that.

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