Monday, August 24, 2009

Last few runs . . .

It was a quiet week. Nothing special. Decided to buy my first pair of trail shoes. Went Montrail Mount Masochist. They've gotten great reviews, so I figured what the heck. It feels like running in clogs. I tried them on a one hour jaunt in Mission Trails on some of the rockiest stuff I could find. It was great not to have to watch my step. But they felt really weird on the fire roads. I did another 4 hour night run in them in the mountains on Sunday. Liked them a little better. The run was fantastic. Did the Cuyamaca ascent and then turned it around and did the Stonewall Peak climb, went down the backside in the dark with my backup light and then back around to some more trails behind Paso Picacho. From Stonewall I saw a fantastic sunset between the Cuyamaca peaks and it was beautiful, red and purple. And from Cuyamaca at night, the entire Milky Way was out. Looking back, I saw the lightning flashing every 10 seconds over the desert in distance. The way back was populated with lots of kangaroo rats. Super cute with big eyes and ears. I was even able to pick one up and hold him before he hopped away. A fantastic run, but I"m still not sure about the shoes. They are so damn stiff. Picked up a new pair of my cheap ass Addidas just in case. The run is less than 2 weeks away. I'm nervous as hell. Crap.

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  1. No need for nerves! I told someone the other days, its recreation, not procreation. I have no sage advice, just best wishes. I know you can do it--you've been there. I like the Mount Masochists--wearing the goretex model right now. I switch between them and Brooks Cascadias. Not sure how Wednesday will work exactly--might need to text. If Sundin is helping, don't let him pick Ricky Williams. At least five posts--I am officially a HOF commenter on this blog.