Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random pictures downloaded from my phone

I actually mounted this buckle then wore it out to a celebration dinner. I was told I looked like an oil baron.
This was my toe one day after the race. You can see the bliter and the edge of the nail on the bottom. Amazingly, the nail is still on. Bizarre.

This was a quick shot of sunset in the Tetons during the run. Pardon the finger in the shot.

This was sunset in the Cuyamacas running up Stonewall Peak in my last long run before the race.

This was on the flight out to the Tetons. Larry Johnson is my co-pilot.

Erica v. Turboproppy. Who will win?

Erica and Justin at the Chargers game. Remarkable because Erica actually took a good picture. She must be drunk . . .

From the Stone Beerfest, held at Cal State San Marcos, home of the Cougars. Step right up, all you eligible bachelors!

Yes, another Cougar joke. I'm that immature. Can you imagine the comedic potential of actually going to school there?

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