Friday, September 25, 2009

End of the week update

Well, ironically after posting the picture of my toe and musing about the nail still being attached, off it came on Wednesday, with the nail on the little toe on the same foot following on Thursday. It has been a really hectic week as I am trying to prepare a Petition for Review to the California Supreme Court, so it is eating up my time, but I have gotten some dcent runs in. Yesterday was an hour and a half through Knott's Grove and into Poway on the trail system. The trees in Knott's Grove are planted in honor of dead children, and they are covered with trinkets and have little Christian symbols and statues around the base of the tree. Its pretty creepy at night. Very Blair Witch-esque. But yesterday was warm and sunny, so it was more poignant than scary.

Today was the usual Friday run. My record up and down the Fortuna Spine and back was an hour and 18 minutes. I was able to do it in an hour and 21 minutes tonight, and that included about 1/2 hour in the dark with flashlight. It was great to get a fast run in again tonight. Another sign of recovery, now that we are about 3 weeks out. I'm going to take a day off tomorrow, then a hard pre-tailgate run on Sunday which should be fun. I need to start thinking about another race . . .


  1. Hey BJ--your running is doing great! Wish I could say as much! Thanks for the blister picture. Congrats on the baseball run. Good luck on the S. Ct. case. Baker Lake this weekend for me. My feet still hurt, but I'll trot along. Enjoying the posts! Let's catch up soon.