Thursday, June 24, 2010

Training runs

OK, its been tough training while the World Cup is on. Up at 4:45 to watch the first game, then second game is 7:00, get done by 9:00, head to work, then ditch out for early lunch at 11:30 for the third game. So early runs have been right out, and then I stay at work late to make up for my late arrival and long lunch.

So training has been sporadic. Its been Ok, but I haven't hit my groove yet. The most fun I've had our repeats up Cowles Mtn. The climb is about 1400 feet over 2.2 miles, so its not bad. Roughly a third of what my climbs at white river will be. The climb took me 38 minutes during a 6 hour run on Saturday and 35 minutes doing a single run up, so climbing rates are good. But on my 6 hour run, I did flats after 2 trips up and down Cowles. It was poor, and I really struggled, adding in some walks. Pretty lousy. And I still haven't gotten a lot of the runs I need, while my eating has been poor because I keep going to watch the games. ARGH!

My only funny story from this week happened today. As I was changing for my evening run, just as I had my pants around my ankles, here comes a police car and pulls up behind me. Oh man, now what? Do I quick pull up my pants? That looks pretty suspicious. I decided to keep on changing, but I have my eye in the rear view mirror watching to see what this cop is going to do. Finally, he pulls up next to me, rolls down his window, and asks me about a trailer that is parked on the street in front of me. Holy crap, that was close. I don't know if he was waiting until I was done changing or whether he pulled up randomly after I was done.

So that's my cop run in. Hopefully 4 hour run tomorrow, 2 hours on Saturday afternoon, and 6 horus on Sunday. We'll see how it works out . . .

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