Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More boring words, no interesting pictures

I know, I need more pictures. I didn't bring a camera with me today, and if so, not sure what pics I would have taken. Nothing special, for sure.

No interesting stories to tell, so you may as well skip to the next entry. Ran in the canyon this morning. It was 45 degrees at the start and 60 by the end, so I was too warm in my vest and long sleeve. Bad decision. Took me 1:37, which is pretty close to my best time, and that included a bathroom stop, so that's a pretty good sign that my "speed" is staying where it is.

The big disappointment this week was that I missed the earthquake. It happenned while I was out running and didn't feel a thing, but some of my books were out of my bookshelf and all my pictures at work got knocked down (although someone put them back up again. No idea who. Just noticed that. Weird.)

National championship was last night. I wasn't too interested in which predominantly white school's upper class fan base would go home happy, but I have to admit it was a good ending. I was frustrated the last two weeks with all the Hoosier references. ARGH! Butler is in the same league as Gonzaga and has been either in the top 10 or on the cusp of being in the top 10. They have a future NBA starter and likely another NBA draft pick after that on the team. In fact, 5 years from now Hayward will be a starter in the NBA while the Duke guys will be on the bench in the NBA or will be playing overseas or making money with an MBA somewhere. So enough with the David and Goliath references. Butler was a very good team going in who got a lousy seed (should have been a 4 seed or even a 3). Congratulations to them on a great season, but lets view them in the proper light, and not in the light a story hungry media feeds us, OK? Great.

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  1. I thought Butler was a David, but I didn't know much, which is why I didn't the pool this year, and that's $20 I saved, no doubt. I did a $5 pool, and was at the bottom. I did have West Va in the Final Four. I had Maryland going a long way too, after they beat Kansas.