Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-wolves have their guard up?

So, the NBA draft was tonight. Frankly, the NFL could take a few lessons. Two rounds knocked out in about 3 hours. I can't think that picking which fat guy will better protect a quarterback's blind side is that much more difficult that deciding which 6 foot 9 inch athlete will sit on the end of the bench.

Be that as it may, while the draft was fairly predictable, the Twolves draft doesn't make any sense to me. I get that there could still be stuff in the works, but the Wolves GM insists that he thinks Rubio and Flynn can play together. Neither has a great 3 point shot. Nor can either one really create his own shot other than getting to the rim. My thought is that they don't think Rubio is ready yet, so they took Flynn for now, thinking they can trade him down the road. But that's a high price for a short term solution. I have to think they could have gotten a veteran backup for the number 6 pick. And then they trade Lawson for the Nuggets first round pick next year? With that team, it is likely they converted the 18 pick this year for a pick in the 20's next year. That just doesn't make sense. Why not take a guy in Europe and let him develop for a while off your salary cap if you are concerned about finances? It was a haphazard draft by a team that has seemed to lose its direction.

The most annoying thing about GM's in the NBA is they rarely have a plan. They just draft the best talent available and hope it works for the best. Terrible. Look at San Anotonio. They know they needed athleticism and toughness, especially on the glass. What did they come away with? Dejuan Blair (highest rebound per acl ratio!), who is a beast inside and on the glass, Jack McClinton, who is a lights out shooter for Duncan to pass to and can run up and down the floor, and Richard Jefferson, for whom they gave up an over-the-hill one dimensional Bruce Bowen and Fabricio Beef Jerky (both of whom will likely be bought out and may resign for the minimum back in San Antonio).

It takes a plan people. Know what style of team you want and go get the guys to fit the bill. Don't draft Shaq and play half-court if you are the Suns and geared to run. Don't go get over the hill star names whose games don't mesh at all. Don't take a guy because of a name or just because you think he's the best talent there. If there is someone who is close who is going to fit your system or improve your chemistry, use your brain and get this guy, no matter what the pundits say. Its your team. make it yours, not theirs.

More thoughts on the draft and trades tomorrow

On the workout side, lifted weights in the AM, did my bike commute to work (25 miles and 45 minutes each way) then went for an hour run before dinner in the canyon. A pretty good day if I could have only put down the cheese fries before dinner . . .

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