Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, what's this all about? Well, its pretty simple. I've been an ultra runner for a few years now. I have 1 50k, 3 50 mile races, and 2 100 mile races to my credit. In most of these, I feel like I've been battling the cutoffs, and 2 most recent performances (last at Wasatch 100, missed time cut at North Face Endurance Challenge Bellingham) have convinced me that I want to do more than just finish ultras. I'm not looking to win my age group or anything. I'm just looking for respectability.

So, given that, I came up with 3 times that are progressively harder, but that, I think, put you at least in the mid-pack somewhere. Just like "real" marathoners go under 4 hours, these times are my mental equivilent of what "real"ultra runners do. Simply put, I want to do under 6 hours for the 50K, under 12 hours for the 50 miler, and under 24 hours for the 100 miler.

Of course, you can't cheat and get your time on a road course or something like that. It has to be a real ultra, with hills and rocks and sticky gu packets and bee stings and lots and lots of hard work.

So that's it. I'll post some more about my race history coming up and start using this as my training diary, and if you find it interesting at all, come along on the ride with me . . .
Oh, and as you can guess from my picture, I'm pretty into my dog, too. Her name is Gator, and she has been my training companion for years, although she's starting to slow up now that she's 9! So this blog is going to have a lot about her, and about the NBA, and about sports in general, and who knows what else will come to mind. Thanks for looking!

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