Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day before Hardrock

Holy crap. Its here. I'm scared poopless but confident at the same time. I know that doesn't make sense, but that's how I feel nonetheless.

I've spent the last 2 weeks in Silverton staying in a beautiful cabin at 10,500 feet and going out every day to mark the course. When I first got here, I headed out on Handies, the tallest peak on the course at over 14,000 feet, and promptly got chased off the ridge by a thunderstorm. Then the next day, I felt terrible with stuff flying out of both ends and still tried to get on the course. Bad idea. By that night, I was holed up with a 103 degree fever and feeling lousy. What confidence I had was in the hole.

But I took a few days off, and then on Wed., headed back out to start marking the course. Along with a whole host of new friends like Bob Crowley, Rich DiSimione, Buddy Teaster and others, we tackled the climbs in front of us day after day and my confidence slowly grew back again as I was often in the first group to hit the summit. I was either foolhardy or ready. Still not sure which. But I managed to see most of the last 60 miles of the course including Handies, Oscar's Pass, Virginius, Grant Swamp Pass and Putnam.

So I'm as ready as I'll get. I have lots more to say and lots more pics to put up over time, but tomorrow I will be out getting it done. Pray for my soul! And send lots of good vibes. I'll need every one . . .

Random pics from course marking . . .

I'll post explanations and more details in my way too long report after the race. Wish me luck!

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