Monday, May 27, 2013

Countdown to Hardrock

Well, its been a while, but to fill in the blanks - lots of running, then lots more running. This past weekend, I spent up in the Sierras. On Friday, I did a run up Baxter Pass. Then on Saturday, I crewed Gonzo at the Bishop High Sierra 50 miler. He did great, and I had a great time reliving my memories from 2 years ago. I was hoping to find someone to pace, and at the mile 48 aid station, I hooked up with Norb, who I proceeded to call Norm the rest of the night. I had been talking to his wife Lori at various aid stations, and Norb was struggling with his nutrition, so I was hoping to talk him out of dropping down to the 50 miler. Turns out I didn't need to. He came into the aid station ready to rock, so we both headed out on the Left, and he got stronger and stronger as we went, and he finished his first 100k in grand fashion. Congrats Norb! The first of many, I'm sure. 

From the trailhead at Baxter Pass

 Headed up Baxter Pass. 
 Waterfall towards the top. 
 Looking back down the valley. 
 Just happy to be here? I thought I was having a good time . . . 
Norb and Lori at the finish. Good job Norb!

Sunday was a run up Mt. Whitney. I got turned around just short of Trail Crest by a patch of snow and ice that I wasn't about to take in my microspikes, but great training at high altitude. And the burger at the portal tasted just as tasty. 

This weekend was the last big push before Hardrock. While I'm 6 weeks out, I will do a lot of trail exploration and not get my usual rest, so I have to be well rested when I get out there. Friday was my 10 mile course, and I cut 3 minutes off my best time. Saturday, I couldn't run until late, but got 10 miles in during the evening. I was nervous for Sunday with that time logged on my legs. The plan was 3 trips up San Jacinto which tops out at about 11,000 feet. It went surprisingly well. Two trips via Marion Mtn. and one via the tram station added up to about 35 miles, 12,500 feet of climbing in about 12:15. Duirng the run I entertained my self with the Great Gatsby in the morning, and then listened to the Angels game, the Dodgers game, the Kings game, and the 4th quarter of the Heat game. I was out there a while. 

But I think the result shows I'm fairly ready. My weight is down to 192. My knee tendonitis that was bugging me is in remission for now, and the legs feel alright today. Not too bad. 

I still have some hard work and hard miles ahead, but all signs are pointing up. Hopefully I can keep my fitness where it is now. We'll see. Ultrarunning is a funny thing. One day you have it. The next . . . 

Hopefully more soon. 


  1. BJ! Awesome training run dude! You are completely doing this ultra thing right for sure! I'm very impressed with your blog quest! I believe you will accomplish them all - just keep doing what you're doing!

    Thanks for the great photo posted at the BHS 100K! I look forward to the day where we can do a great long training run together! Norb

  2. Hardrock!! Seek and Destroy! Run For The Hills! Run For Your Life!